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For travelers with more time the following walks are recommended:

The "Baño del Inca"
4 km (about 2.5 miles) from Copacabana - (1 hour- one way).

The bath of the Inca is situated in the small village of "Kusijata" surrounded by gardens. It is a sacred stone tub that receives water from a spring and was probably used for ceremonial baths.

In the same area you can also find a regional archaeological museum. It has some fine examples of the Chiripa, Mollo, Tiawanaku and Inca cultures. Also a conserved mummy.

The beaches "Playas Blancas"
8 km (about 5 miles) from Copacabana - (2 hours - one way) In the village "Chañi" you will find "Playas Blancas ".

A white sand beach with clean water, where you can enjoy lake Titicaca in its peaceful surroundings.

The village "Sicuani"
10 km (a little over 6 miles) from Copacabana - (3 hours - one way) Don't miss the unique local experience of a ride on a reedboat at "Sicuani".

The village "Yampupata"
17 km (about 10.5 miles) from Copacabana ( 5 - 6 hours - one way). If you want, take the scenic walk to the fishing village "Yampupata", you can include it after visiting the above-mentioned attractions.

The village "Sampaya"
15 km (just over 9 miles) from Copacabana - 5 hours - one way.

This pre-hispanic village and Aymara community with its traditions and customs, off the beaten tourist track, has preserved it´s Incaic structure and romantic atmosphere. It is connected to "Yampupata" by the remains of an Incan trail: a road sided with unique rock formations.

One of the most important tourist attractions is without doubt the island of the sun "Isla del Sol". It was a sanctuary with a temple dedicated to the God of the Sun "Inti". It is said that this God created mankind here after the flood.

The international tourists mainly come to see Lake Titicaca with its "Islands of the Sun and the Moon" and to enjoy hikes to surrounding areas.

The biggest island of Lake Titicaca is the Island of the Sun, which is 2 hours away from the village by boat trip. Because of the strong sun reflection off the deep dark-blue water we recommend to protect yourself carefully by wearing a wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen in order to prevent heat stroke or sunburn.

In Challapampa- the village to the north you can visit:
• Archeological Museum
• Labyrinth ruins
• Sacred table for sacrifices
• Stone caves to shelter the sun and moon
• Legend of the footprints of the sun

In Yumani - the village to the south you can visit:
• Temple Pilkokaina
• 1000 Inca steps
• Small water springs "Fuente del Inca".

We recommend making the walk of 4 hours from north to south of the "Sun-Island", leaving Copacabana at 8:30 with the boat and returning at 17.30, saving the small "Island of the Moon" (with its temple) for another day in order to better enjoy the landscape of the "Sun-Island".

It is also called Coati. In addition to tourism, the island’s community makes its living from fishing and agriculture. The temple or palace is called Virgen de las Nustas, where selected virgins were trained to make trades of their woven products and chosen to be the concubines of the Inca emperor.