Hotel La Cupula, Copacabana Bolivia Hotel La Cupula, Copacabana Bolivia

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Prices for rooms with private bath


Singles 21 U$
Double (1 double bed) economic 29 U$
Double (1 double bed) standard 39-43 U$
Double (2 single beds) standard 39-43 U$
Triple standard 54 U$
Quadruple Standard 60 U$


Singles 32 U$
Single superior 42 U$
Double 50 U$
Double superior 60 U$
Triple (1 double bed and 1 single bed) 62 U$
Triple Superior (1 double bed and 1 single bed) 72 U$

Prices room with shared bathroom

Single 17
Double (2 single beds) 25
Double (1 double bed) 25

Please notice, Breakfast is not included.

There is a discount of 10% on room rates for guests, staying five nights or longer.

Restaurant- Prices:
Extra costs for meals:

Breakfast US $ 3.5,-
Meals between US $ 5,- and US $ 8,-

Please send us the following information for your reservation:
- Your date of arrival and departure
- Name and number of persons
- Please make sure to specify when you reserve double room if Twin beds or one Queen Size bed. Thank you.

Valid reservations:
Your reservation is only valid with our confirmation.

Please make your reservation at least a week in advance. We hold unpaid reservations until 14.00 of the day of arrival. Leaving La Paz or Puno at 8.00 allows plenty of time to arrive in Copacabana by about 12.00. Travelers arriving from Peru, please be aware that local time Bolivia is one hour ahead. There is a daily service every 1 to 2 hours throughout the week. If you don't show up until 14.00 you might lose your reservation, because often we have tourists waiting for any availability. We hope you can understand our decision.

In case of delaying or changing plans for your arrival to La Cúpula, please please please, let us know the cancelation or change of reservation. (Best by phone or at least 2 days in advance by Internet. Gracias Thank you Danke Merci!

Contact us
You can make reservations and get additional information in:

Cell Phone:

Tel and Fax International:

National long distance with ENTEL phone or from cell phone:

Local call: 862-2029


Dear traveler,
Note, within Southamerica the communication is often amazingly slow and it could take easily 6 hours for us to receive your mail.

We are very responsible with our communication by internet, but if you don’t get an answer within 24 hours please send your mail again. In our part of the world it is not quite guaranteed that a mail that has been sent will always arrive! Thank you. Please make sure to write your internet address correctly.

We hold unpaid reservations until 14:00 the day of arrival. If you want to arrive at a later hour, please contact us by phone. Due to the communication system you can't postpone your hour of arrival by Internet unless 2 to 3 days in advance. And please please please, let us know in case you can't come, so we can cancel your reservation.

In case you change planes and you know that for some reason you cannot come to La Cúpula at the date you reserved, please let us know. (Best by phone, or if a few days ahead of time, also by internet) Gracias- Thank you- Danke- Merci!!!