Hotel La Cupula, Copacabana Bolivia Hotel La Cupula, Copacabana Bolivia

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Leaving from the main cemetery of La Paz with the bus companies of "Manco Kapac" or "2 de Febrero" or with minibuses, you arrive in 4 hours until Copacabana, crossing on the way the strait of Tiquina. The busses departure is each hour.

From Peru / Puno it takes 3 or 4 hours to get to Copacabana. There is a daily bus service every hour.
In town by foot: (5 minutes from Main Square). See the map provided.

Or rent a bicycle-taxi from the main square for $1 (US currency) to take your bags to La Cúpula. A taxi car costs $1.50 (US currency) from the main square to our Hostal.

Location map: